Hello Friends!

I can’t believe it, but here it is.  I’m often yapping away, so why not write it?  I miss my friends, I miss Brooklyn, I miss the pace of the city.  I’ve traded it for the “burbs” where it’s theoretically easier, but maybe just cheaper, to raise a family.  Though I’m not even sure about that.  In fact I once wrote a poem about the struggle I had with accepting I’d be moving out of the city.  I’m not sure I’m over it and that was eight years ago.  In fact, I’ve met plenty of people who will gladly trade the house for an apartment when the children are grown.  For now, I’ll grow my garden such as it is, and drive everywhere and enjoy my kids as they grow.  Yes, enjoy…that’s supposed to be the point and it doesn’t always seem that way!

And kids there are aplenty.  I have four kids ranging in ages from 17 months to 8 ½ …two boys, two girls.  I plan to hold steady at that.  I have friends with more, and more friends with less.  But that’s not all I’ll be talking about here.  This is a “mom blog” in that I’m a mom and my life is about that.  I am a stay-at-home-mom, which I recently learned has an acronym!:  SAHM, so I can speak to that.  I discovered I am celiac and need to eat gluten-free, so I’ll speak to that.  But this blog is not only about those things.  I have an MFA in poetry, so I might even talk about that.  I will discuss books, the learning curve of parenting, some current events, and the regular roll of life: frustrations and happinesses (a new word!), struggles and wins.  Most of it will relate to parenting in some way because, from where I stand, it seems everything does.

This blog aspires to regain some community I feel I’ve lost.  I want to reach my friends and make new friends on the way.  I want to tell stories, ask questions, find answers, make connections.  I hope to inspire, to create laughter, to unnerve, to poke.  I no longer have a stoop to sit on and I don’t even have a porch, but I do have a picket gate.  I’ve opened it to let you in.  This will be my new stoop, a perch from which I can make conversation, enjoy passersby, take in the scene.  Picture yourself walking down the road and seeing a friend.  Stop by and chat for a while.  Sit down, rest your legs and share the moment on a stoop.


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