Missing Friends

In my first post, I mentioned that I miss my friends.  But I’m not talking about friends I used to have.  I’m talking about the friends I have right now!  

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier.  We can text, email, facetime, shop online.  Easy, fast, now.  People have twitter accounts and Facebook pages.  You can post or just be a voyeur.  You can know what’s going on in everyone’s life you’re “friends” with, and you never even have to see them or talk to them on the phone!

But what happened to good old conversations?  What happened to the drop-in?  When my little text message alert goes off, my heart skips a beat.  Yeah! Someone has something to tell me! That’s become the drop-in!

But what about the phone?  What about lunch?  What about stopping over to meet a friend for tea or coffee?  I miss my friends because I don’t see them.  That’s why I love a stoop…you sit on a stoop and you see people, you talk to them.  There’s something about real conversation that is fundamental and irreplaceable.  And a stoop evokes that idea.

Growing up, I remember my mother’s friends stopping by, just dropping in.  My mother would make coffee and get out the round tin of store-bought cookies for exactly this situation.  Homemade or store-bought cookies were always at the ready.  There was talking, laughter, and camaraderie.  I’m not sure they talked about kids.  I’m sure they didn’t talk about politics.  I don’t know what they talked about.  But they talked.  They laughed.  They had a good time for a short while.  Then they went back to their homes and chores… the things they Had to do.

When you stay at home with kids and that’s your job, a friend stopping in is your version of the water cooler break or the step out for coffee.  It’s essential and makes the grunt work part of any job bearable.  It breaks routine and puts a little lift in your day.  Maybe all of a task didn’t get done because you got sidetracked, but I bet the next task will seem a lot lighter. 

Yes, texting is easier and being on the phone can take so much more time.  But pick a friend.  When was the last time you talked to him or her in person?   How did it feel?  Is there someone you can call or visit?  Stop in for coffee or invite someone over.  Try it and see what happens.  Tell me!



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2 responses to “Missing Friends

  1. Love it….so true….our town needs a plaza, too!

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