What Gives You Motivation?

We make time for the things we want to do.  We prioritize what is important to us.  Or do we? What about when we are avoiding things?

I love to write, but more often, I love to talk.  I love to teach.  Writing comes naturally to me, but posting, publishing, and that world do not.  If I’m talking, I’m definitely not writing.  I started this blog, and just as soon abandoned it, because it didn’t seem right (write?) to me.  I heard my inner voice saying, is it the right voice, is it the right angle, is it the right anything?  So I stopped.

Tonight I took time to read some blogs and found them inspiring and enjoyable–just to hear other stories, to appreciate that other people suffer the same happinesses and failures.  But I knew that.  It’s seeing it in print that makes it different.  It’s actually seeing the details –it is like having a cup of tea with someone and just talking about funny things, sad things, idea things. It’s this new way –new to me!– of sharing that I’m not used to.

I am motivated often to help other people.  But I am often not motivated to help myself.  Reaching out to people in talk motivates me.  I’m wondering about writing.

What I want to know is what motivates you? What inspires you? How do you make time for the things that matter?  How do you decide what matters?





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2 responses to “What Gives You Motivation?

  1. How do I decide what matters? What a good thought and question. I think it’s taking every single moment captive and using it for whatever speaks to you about life and God at that very moment. Not just things that take your hands on work, but the little stuff, too. A cup of coffee before the kids get up, taking school off early because someone got their feelings hurt and they matter, or even decluttering under your oven and feeling like a total success because you put a liner down yourself–all matter! Every moment that you love even a little, matters. Thank you for stopping by my blog and encouraging me today–it really made a difference.

  2. I am so glad I made a difference to you. Likewise. This gives me motivation to continue. And yes, simply (and it’s taken four years!) redoing the shelves in my bathroom so that things are neat and organized in baskets and not spilling off shelves has mattered: I am so much calmer going into my bathroom without being assaulted by the image of an unsightly cardboard box of tampons. Essentials like that are now condensed and in a makeup bag under the sink! It can be replenished as necessary. Thank you for commenting.

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