Did You Give Yourself A Valentine?

First Happy Valentine’s Day! Second, did you give yourself a valentine today?

It occurred to me at the end of this heart-filled day that I didn’t and haven’t taken the time to make myself a valentine.  I remember my son in kindergarten making valentines for everyone in his class and then making one for himself.  To Aidan, Love Aidan.  I thought that was funny.  But maybe he had the right idea.

A valentine is a show of love or appreciation or at least acknowledgement.  My husband in a very hectic work week with painfully long hours remembered his tradition of handwritten notes and chocolate for the kids.  They found their note this morning and devoured the hearts for breakfast in the most silent morning kitchen I can recall.  The children exchanged valentines at school, bought goodies at the bake sale.  My daughter even bought me gluten-free cookies! I was very impressed at her thoughtfulness.  At the end of the day–well, the children’s day–I was still helping with a report due tomorrow.  After they go to bed, I still have dishes and laundry you can’t dream up. And then where am I?

So I decided I would write.  That’s my valentine to myself.

In a busy house with four kids, I always have something to do for someone else.  And I don’t make time for the things I love.  You might have more or less or no kids.  You might have dogs or cats.  You might have someone who depends on you and who you take care of.  You might have a job that keeps late hours.  No matter your circumstance, you are in there.

What have you done today for yourself? What special thing can you give yourself as a valentine? It could be a kind word, an acceptance, it could be something you’ve been neglecting (like writing or art or just being still).  Somewhere in today, find yourself and give yourself a gift, a show of love or appreciation.


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  1. I love this post, thank you for sharing this 🙂

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