The Friendship Cup

After my third child was born, an old friend visited and brought not only a gift of pajamas for the baby but a tea cup for me.  It is a very pretty  and dainty tea cup with pink flowers, a fancy edge and saucer.  I call it my friendship cup.

For a while I didn’t use it because I thought it was too pretty and I drink tea out of big mugs.  Actually, if I could, I’d walk around with a tea i.v.

But I don’t.

Sometimes I love espresso in the afternoon, but espresso straight is a bit strong for my tastes.  I make it in an old-fashioned Italian stove-top espresso maker that perks.  No fancy machinery or frothing latte.  Just a simple pot that boils water and perks coffee for two.  I take a little espresso with lots of milk in it.  One day as I made this and searched for the right size cup, not too big, not too small, I remembered the gift of the tea cup.  Somehow it seemed the perfect size.

I found the cup hidden away, pulled it out, cleaned it and dried it.  I used it for my coffee.

Somehow that day the coffee tasted better.  I may have been down; I may have been a little lonely or thinking about coffee chats by water coolers.  Either way, the coffee tasted better.   Holding that cup by its little handle brought me a connection to my friend, and I felt less lonely.  I thought how sweet it was that she had thought of me.  Bringing gifts for new babies is common; bringing gifts for new mothers is less so.  But moms (and dads) need comfort too.

That tea cup is comfort.

(What brings you closer to a friend?)



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2 responses to “The Friendship Cup

  1. Trish C.

    This made my day! Glad the teacup is getting some use and that you are writing!

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