A Hiatus

How does one begin after such a long draw?  In reviewing my writings from years ago when I started this blog, I recognize that I am a person five years beyond the person who wrote those pieces.  Indeed time does move and age a person along with it.  And yet I struggle with all the same things:  a “tendency toward depression” surrounded by a host of blessings I don’t take for granted, cluttered spaces and engulfed white spaces, a need for breath I find in the spaces between thought and among the lines of poetry present not only in words but in a bird’s song, indecision in the garden among blooms of morning glory and coral roses, the laughter and giddiness of young children against their own in-fighting and struggles.

To breathe is to be free.  To love is to appreciate bounty even in deprivation.  To live is to be enriched by life’s blessings in the smallest ounces of joy.

Sometimes life is like a soap opera and tuning into General Hospital will still bring me Luke and Laura and maybe someone coming out of a coma.  Even Susan Lucci has resurrected in ubiquitous and quirky commercials evoking this very idea of tuning back into the same old.  And yet the same old evolves and emerges into a new place –some subtle changes, some ideas evolved, some new territory to explore.  The throwback is there, but the setting is new.

One must expand beyond the mundane and explore new evolutions perhaps of the same space but from a different corner of the room: to see life anew and from a height previously unseen.  That will be the next vantage point.  I hope you join me.


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